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September 30, 2019

Fall is the official start of the “Art Season” and the Museums and Galleries in Metro Columbia runneth over in fantastic and thoughtful work. Below are just a few exhibits we think you can’t miss. Get off your couch and hop on the Comet and check out at all the beautiful (and sometimes weird) art shows the Midlands has to offer.

Columbia Museum of Art

Van Gogh and His Inspirations is an original exhibition organized by the CMA that brings the work of one of the most beloved artists in the world to Columbia, South Carolina, alongside a variety of handpicked paintings and drawings that shaped his vision. From 2001 to 2010, as Steven Naifeh and Greg Smith researched their New York Times bestseller Van Gogh: The Life, they built a collection of over 30 works by artists who influenced Van Gogh’s aesthetic thinking … more here.

Seeing Through the Layers : Maryanna Williams’ imagery creates a dialogue between simple forms and intricate patterns. In her prints she has explored moths, jellyfish, and even Italian Renaissance portraits, each subject chosen for its inherent beauty, delicate patterning, and vibrant hues. Close up and filling the picture plane, her subjects shift between realism and abstraction, at times dissolving into facets of color and marks vibrating across surfaces. Williams’ work is not about scientific illustration or realism, but about transforming subjects from nature and art into images that express her deep passion for the intense beauty that she sees in the world. .. more.

McKissick Museum

Piece by Piece: Quilts from the Permanent Collection : illustrates the evolution of this textile tradition over the past one hundred and fifty years. From the early use of chintz fabrics to the widespread popularity of solid colors, these quilts reflect traditions with roots in Europe, Africa, and the American South. Visitors will have the opportunity to view 40+ quilts over the course of the show, chosen from McKissick Museum’s extensive quilt collection. Due to the fragile nature of historic textiles, individual quilts will be only be displayed for a limited time, with three rotations occurring throughout the year. More here.

South Carolina State Museum

Grand Designs – 19th Century South Carolina Furniture : All of the furniture in this new exhibit is from the museum’s permanent collection, meaning all of it was made in, or used in South Carolina. The exhibit includes high quality pieces along with furniture “regular” folks used and everything in between. Many of the pieces are new to the collection and are on display for the first time. The exhibit explores how styles went from the light and elegant lines of the neoclassic designs in the early 1800s to the heavy, ornate styles in the romantic revival period of the late 1800s. Guest will learn how to differentiate between federal or empire style, why those styles changed and how manufacturing advances helped drive design. Details here.

House of Frames & Paintings

Walter Edelman’s Art Emporium

Show Schedule
Fri, Nov 2, 3 – 8 pm thru Sat,Nov 3, 10am – 5 pm

Opening Night Reception
Friday, Nov 2, 3 – 8 pm

Walter Edelman, a New York art dealer, appraiser, and art critic, will present the works.  If you’ve met Walter on his previous visits, you already know how entertaining he is. The exhibit offers many styles of artwork and subject matter including Landscape, Impressionism, Figurative, Still Life, Abstract, Architectural, Seascape, and Floral.  Walter’s encyclopedic knowledge of art makes his visit a cross between a show and an art history lesson. Artists represented by Edelman Fine Art have shown their works in major galleries and museums throughout the United States. Included will be pieces by the Old Masters, Impressionists, and Contemporary Artists such as Rembrandt, Miro, Chagall, Picasso, Dali and Gold. More on HOFP here.

City Art

Kathy Rorie – Inside Out : Kathy Rorie has had a natural love for art since early childhood. Her paintings range from representational to completely abstract. She enjoys experimenting with all media but works mainly in acrylic. Her paintings and handmade paper under glass are instantly recognizable because of her unique style. Her large abstract paintings are distinctively hers, but set a mood reminiscent of the abstract expressionism of the post war modern art period of the 1950’s. More here.

Stormwater Studios

Laura Garner Hine

Triple Play – New Work of Sara Cogswell, Laura Garner Hine, and Will South
Including Art Jewelry from Gallery West

Sara Cogswell combines found objects, antique oddities, striking beads, and thread to make her wearable art. Cogswell is the owner and curator of Gallery West. Laura Garner Hine creates fantasy underwater scenes, and from playful to strange images. These oils on canvas are richly conceived by this emerging artist who has been on the art scene for many years in various capacities, but always as a painter. She is now a Conservation Technician with Carolina Conservation. Will South’s new works are outsized figures and faces based on a frenetic world. These are created in both charcoals and oils. South is the Chief Curator at the Columbia Museum of Art. There will also be a pop-up gallery of art jewelry presented by Gallery West. Fourteen art jewelers from across the country will be represented.

Opening Reception – Thursday, October 3, 5:00-8:30 pm
Third Thursday at Stormwater– Thursday, October 17
Jewelry Night Party – Thursday, October 24, 6:00-9:00 pm

If Art

several pieces of art displayed together for the Heimat / Home: The Clumbia - Kaiserslautern Exchange

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