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Discover Riverbanks Zoo

July 2, 2019

The Riverbanks Zoo has been one of Columbia’s most popular attractions since opening its gates in April of 1974. In the four decades since, the zoo has provided the Columbia populace a spectacular platform to connect with wildlife from all corners of the globe.

This world-class zoo features more than 2,000 animals on display, representing more than 350 species from all around the world. With nearly 10 unique exhibits to choose from, visitors can interact with any kind of animal, such as lions, tigers, koalas, sloths, elephants, sharks, penguins, and so much more!

The African exhibit showcases giraffes, lions, baboons and more on a 2-acre reproduction of an African savanna.

The Asian exhibit features many endangered species like tigers, siamangs, Komodo dragons and more.

The Koala Knockabout is a hit with its inhabitants hailing from Australia – lorikeets, kangaroos, wallabies and cute, cuddly koalas. Plenty of interactive exhibits offer guest the opportunity to feed and mingle with friendly marsupials!

There are many other exhibits that offer nose-to-nose views with grizzly bears, water views of swimming otters, a 55,000-gallon Pacific coral reef tank with sharks, moray eels and more – not to mention penguins, majestic elephants, small mammals like sloths and golden-lion tamarins and close encounters with some barnyard characters!

Riverbanks Zoo’s botanical gardens are comprised of seven different sections, and a waterfall, spread out over 70 acres The Botanical Garden offers unusual plants in themed gardens – a staggering 4,200 species of native and exotic plants! Looking for more? The River Trail curves through wood-lands along the Saluda River, past the Saluda Mill ruins and Interpretive Center. More here.
500 Wildlife Parkway | 803.779.8717
Mon-Sun, 9AM-5pm

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