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Discover: Hiking

January 2, 2019

The Midlands area is ripe with delightful ecosystems perfect for leisurely strolls and more rigorous hikes. Deciduous forests feature a wide range of fascinating wildlife, while temperate year-round mean there’s never a time where you can’t enjoy the outdoors!

We took some time to compile a list of the best hikes that the Midlands has to offer. Whether you’re a beginner, or a trail runner, we’re confident that our list has something for you to enjoy!

The Palmetto Trail

1217 Hope Station Road

The Peak to Prosperity Passage proceeds west from the Alston trailhead in Fairfield County across the impressive Broad River trestle. Across the river in Newberry County, the rail-trail skirts Peak and cuts an easy swatch through piedmont forest down to Pomaria and Prosperity.

Cayce Riverwalk

201 Naples Avenue | 1120 Fort Congaree Trail

Part of the Three Rivers Greenway, Cayce Riverwalk has been an ongoing project for many years now, and the builder’s hard work is turning into a truly spectacular experience. At 8 miles, this riverside boardwalk and trail provides the perfect venue for a testing bike ride, a long-distance run, or a pensive stroll.

Peachtree Rock

883 Peachtree Rock Road

Just 30 minutes outside of downtown Columbia, you’ll find the gorgeous hike that is Peachtree Rock. Don’t let the diminutive trailhead fool you, this easy trek boasts rolling hills, waterfalls, and unique and diverse wildlife. Wake up early one morning, and make the drive out. It’ll be worth your time.

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