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Costume Designer Named Richland Library’s Artist-in-Residence

September 16, 2019

For Immediate Release
September 16, 2019
Meet Maker & Costume Designer Margaret “Markie” Gaddis
Columbia, SC– A local artist, known for her true Renaissance personality, is sharing her talents with Richland Library and the community this fall. We’re excited to welcome Margaret “Markie” Gaddis as our next artist-in-residence, starting September 16.

Markie Gaddis

A South Carolina native, Markie is an artist, maker and costume designer. She has a particular passion for cosplay, anime and recreating movie characters. More recently, after attending an anime convention, Markie specializes in costume details, such as sculpting armor and using LED lights to create beautiful, intricate pieces. 
She expresses enjoying the challenge of accurately replicating architecturally impossible costumes that are featured in movies and anime. In addition, Markie says she loves the freedom of being able to switch from sewing to sculpting and painting in a single project.

Come to the Costume Planning Event on Sept 22!

Sunday, September 22: 2:30pm – 4pm at Main Library. Markie will share everything she knows about costume design and planning from scratch. She’ll explain expectations vs. reality for beginners; buying vs making, budgeting, tools, and more!

Markie is set to host weekly office hours from 2 – 6 p.m., Saturdays at our Main location (1431 Assembly Street), answering questions while sharing her knowledge and experience with others. She’s also coordinating with our arts librarian to offer an array of free programs for all ages, which include creating costumes and working with a variety of three-dimensional materials. Her residency lasts through December 20, 2019.

Initially developed in September 2016, the concept behind Richland Library’s artist-in-residence is to connect the community with local, working artists and to provide creative and educational opportunities to local residents in a way that supports cultural and artistic exchange.
For questions, please contact Emily Stoll at 803-587-3637 or email

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