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Discover: Craft Axe Throwing

January 28, 2019
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An axe-throwing lane. Notice the unharmed bullseye.

Step aside darts, there’s a new sheriff in town. His name? Craft Axe Throwing.

I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t that an event at the Lumberjack World Championships?” Well, lumberjacks use chainsaws, and this is a bit more recreational, although you can make it competitive if you want.

“It’s like bowling, but with axes.”

So, how exactly does this place work? It’s pretty simple. Just imagine bowling, but with axes, or darts, but with hatchets, then add beer. Participants pay $20 for an hour of throw-time, and step up to the line. You can choose between the standard 18-inch axe and the smaller hatchet. Employees teach users the two throwing methods- overhead and one-handed- then step back and let the fun begin.

Speaking with Trent Larkins, Director of Marketing with Craft Axe Throwing, I had to ask about the peculiar combination of sharp axes and cold beer. Does it not throw people off (pun intended) to think that they can drink while wielding a cold-blooded killing machine? Surely, I can’t be the only one.

“We’ve gotten that a lot, actually. It’s a strange concept to mix alcohol and axe throwing, but most people that are nervous will calm down by simply seeing other people throwing axes.”

I’ve never been told that seeing someone throwing an axe will calm me down, but strangely enough, I believe it. It brings to mind the first time I went skydiving. Of course, I was afraid to jump out of an airplane, but once I saw my friends do it, I wasn’t so scared.

A happy couple enjoys some accuracy during “Date Night”.

Craft Axe Throwing knows that their patrons’ safety is of the utmost priority, and while they do not have a drink limit, their staff of- aptly named- “Axeperts” keep watch on participants. With their careful eyes out to make sure everybody is being safe and responsible, you have nothing to worry about. The Axeperts are so good, in fact, that in the 9 months since their Greenville location opened, there have been no incidents.

I was certainly hesitant when I heard that “axe throwing” would be the new activity in the Vista, but after a little bit of research, I’m starting to think it’ll be a real bullseye.

Craft Axe Throwing opens on January 31!

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Craft Axe Throwing is located at 700 Gervais Street, Suite B, previously home to Vista Keys. Visit their website here.

Written by Ethan Hanson. © Gardener Media 2018.

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