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A Walk on the Wacky Side

January 2, 2019

Get the whole family ready for the Columbia Wacky Walk Adventure game! Navigate the streets of Columbia by your smartphone as you learn the history of the area, solve brain teasers, reach checkpoints and perform wacky tasks like posing as a zoo animal or ballerina.

Compete to be King or Queen of the group and delegate fun and wacky tasks to your “subjects”! Each checkpoint focuses on art or history related to the Midlands, and you might even have to search the area for clues.

Special challenges from the “King or “Queen” could include singing for a crowd or playing Simon Says.

Wacky Walk lasts for about 2 hours. It starts and ends at the SC State House on Gervais Street, covering a distance of 2 miles, consisting of 9-10 stops, There is no minimum number of people needed to play.

More than 400 cities in the US and Canada feature the Wacky Walk, but this fun adventure started in Summerville, South Carolina!

Call 800-385-0661 to make a reservation and get app information, or visit the website here.

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