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Columbia Marionette Theatre

November 7, 2018

Take the kids to see one of the Columbia Marionette Theatre’s creative and original shows this holiday season! They won’t let you down! Below, we’ve featured their two December shows. Tickets are $5 at the door!

Heroes of Ancient Greece

401 Laurel Street | December 1-13, 2018 | 803-252-7366

The Columbia Marionette Theatre will take their audience on a Greek Odyssey, recounting the famous myths of Pandora’s Box, Orpheus’ journey into the Underworld, and the battle between the demigod Theseus and King Midas’ Minotaur. With Pan, the Protector of the Forest as guide, prepare for an immersive, entertaining, one-of-a-kind experience!


Rudolph’s Winter Revue

401 Laurel Street | December 15-22, 2018 | 803-252-7366

Get ready to ring in the holidays with Rudolph! Columbia Marionette Theatre’s brand new variety show will feature musical numbers and showcase different puppetry styles, all in the spirit of Christmas! 

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