Can You Smell It? Mmmmm…BBQ!

You’re here in the heart of South Carolina BBQ country!
so what is barbecue? The term barbecue is reserved for one thing: smoked pork. You can be served “barbecued beef” or “barbecued chicken” but you never refer to either of them as “barbecue”. That word is just for pork!

Mustard Sauce
Back in the 1730’s to the 1750’s, the British colony of South Carolina encouraged, recruited and even paid ocean passage for thousands of German families so that they would take up residence in South Carolina. They were a hard working, sturdy and resourceful people who were given to an intensive family-farm type of agriculture, as opposed to the plantation system favored by the English settlers. Those German families were given land grants up the Santee, Congaree, Broad and Saluda Rivers (known as the Dutch Fork) as they came in successive waves over a 20+ year migration. They brought with them the common use of mustard. This was the basic ingredient in their barbecue sauce, usually made with mustard, beer, brown sugar and individualized with some “secret” ingredients as well. Today, most Mustard Sauces are made with apple juice instead of beer.

Vinegar and Pepper
This is the “original” barbecue sauce, dating back hundreds of years. It is found in the Lowcountry, around Charleston and Beaufort. You can get it here too. Simply 2 ingredients… vinegar and black pepper.

Light Tomato
This sauce is little more than Vinegar and Pepper with tomato ketchup added. This occured after ketchup became a readily available condiment around 1900. It was a simple thing to take the tried and true Vinegar and Pepper and add a little sweetness and other spices to the mix by adding ketchup.

Heavy Tomato
The fourth sauce in South Carolina and for most of the nation is Heavy Tomato. This sauce has evolved only recently and has been popularized by Kraft Foods and it is found in every grocery store in America.

Can’t decide?
No worries! Little Pigs Barbecue serves its pulled pork with each sauce… try ‘em all!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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