Discover Columbia, Lexington & the Midlands

As the pandemic is slowly but surely being ushered (with lots of ushers!) out the door (finally!), it’s time to look ahead to bright, sunny summer days (I’m writing this on May 28, 2021). I can’t wait to see old friends, attend a festival or two, listen to live music again, enjoy day trips, travel to faraway destinations… I’m sure you are excited too.

I am kick-starting Discover Columbia, which has been on hiatus since last fall when I published the final printed version of Discover Columbia magazine. Since then, I have been publishing our weekly emailed newsletter, This Week’s Fun! (not subscribed? click here), and our new homes website ( I decided to get out of the print business… after 35 years of print publishing, I felt it was time to fully invest my time and effort in digital publishing.

So here goes. I am ready and raring to go! I have always loved writing, research and publishing. I hope you’ll find the new Discover Columbia magazine (online only) to be refreshing, informative and fun. I’d love to hear from you if you have questions or comments about the articles, or if you’re interested in featuring your business here.

Happy Summer 2021!

Kathy Gardener Publisher